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Two New Directors Announced for Doctor Who Series 15

Russell T Davies, showrunner of Doctor Who, has revealed two new directors helming episodes of Series 15.

The run of episodes are due to air in 2025, so we’ve got a little way to go before we enjoy them (not to mention Series 14, which is still to screen later this year, lest we forget!).

The first to be confirmed is Makalla McPherson, who’s previously directed episodes of EastEnders, Doctors, and children’s show, Apple Tree House. She said:

“I have created a unique crane shot as the Doctor runs through a Maze as they escape their captors, which will play for a particular scene. I hope it’ll give the viewers a dynamic peek in to a bit of cultural history.”

It sounds very The God Complex to us!

The second director confirmed by Russell, meanwhile, has already been seen filming on location with Ncuti Gatwa (the Fifteenth Doctor) and probable new companion, Varada Sethu. That is, Australian director, Amanda Brotchie, who will take on Block Three of Series 15, which will include the third episode of the season. She enthused:

“The most exciting thing for me about this block is that the episodes are so different to each other – world, mood, tone, even genre.”

While Brotchie has helmed episodes of Gentleman Jack and The Letdown before, one of the coolest fact about her is that, to get her PhD in linguistics, she lived in a remote village on an island in Vanuatu, in order to study the local language.

Doctor Who Series 15 is filming across this year, and will screen on BBC1 and Disney+ in 2025.

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Two New Directors Announced for Doctor Who Series 15

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