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Russell T Davies Teases Ruby Sunday’s Return (But Will That Stop Rumours She’s Left Doctor Who?)

It sounds like, despite speculation to the contrary, Millie Gibson will be in more episodes of Doctor Who Series 15 than suspected, meaning we’ll see more of companion, Ruby Sunday, beyond the rumoured three episodes of the 2025 season she’s already filmed scenes for.

In the latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine, showrunner Russell T Davies says the set for Ruby’s flat on Minto Road is set to be used again for Series 15. And while this doesn’t necessarily mean the character will be back for more, we’ve heard rumours that Millie Gibson will indeed return for further shooting — and it explains a few odd things that have happened recently.

For instance, when the media cruelly turned on Millie, insinuating that she’d been sacked as Ruby, the BBC didn’t comment; neither did Davies. Ncuti Gatwa, aka the Fifteenth Doctor, posted a phot of him with Gibson on Instagram. Otherwise, however, there’s been radio silence.

Rumours of Millie’s exit from Doctor Who hailed from tabloid newspapers, and were strengthened when Varada Sethu, apparently the Doctor’s new companion, was seen on location with Gatwa.

Ruby only debuted at Christmas — in The Church on Ruby Road — and will be in all eight episodes of Series 14, plus the 2024 Christmas special and an unspecified number of stories in Series 15. In our defence of Millie, we noted:

“There is, of course, one more potential reason we’re overlooking: that she’s not left. These rumours started in The Mirror and that newspaper is normally pretty spot-on. But what if, like Martha Jones, played by the aforementioned Freema Agyeman, Ruby’s story isn’t done yet? She could still pop up in Doctor Who again, or, like Martha in Torchwood, be in a spin-off; maybe that much-speculated UNIT versus Sea Devils one, The War Between The Land And The Sea?”

So this news from DWM certainly feeds into this possibility.

Davies also says the set for the UNIT operations room will be used again for Series 15, so it’s a fair bet that UNIT will be seen next year too.

Whatever happens, we fully support Millie (as well as Varada Sethu, of course).

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Russell T Davies Teases Ruby Sunday’s Return (But Will That Stop Rumours She’s Left Doctor Who?)

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