Costume Revealed for Jodie Whittaker, Plus New Look TARDIS

We’ve been expecting an announcement about the Thirteenth Doctor’s outfit for a while now… and it’s finally here.

Take a look:

Many are pointing out the fact it looks quite a bit like one of Mork’s regular costumes from the 1970s/80s show, Mork and Mindy.

It should come as no surprise that her outfit is proving nearly as divisive as Whittaker’s appointment as the Time Lord. Or Lady. Or whatever.

Aside from what she’s wearing, we can also see a new-look TARDIS exterior – again, something we were expecting as incoming showrunner, Chris Chibnall looks to be changing as much as possible. It’s pretty likely a new TARDIS interior will be unveiled soon too.

This TARDIS exterior is a darker blue than the one we’ve got used to since 2010, and also takes away the St. John’s Ambulance logo from the front. The “PULL TO OPEN” sign is also white lettering against a black background.

With this announcement, we expect filming for Series 11 to begin imminently.

Jodie will debut as the Thirteenth Doctor at Christmas, although a full series won’t be screened until Autumn 2018.

So what do you think? Love it? Hate it? Either way, let’s stay civil, eh? One of my favourite things about the Doctor Who fandom is how it reflects the ideals of the main character, being kind and respectful, and if anyone says they don’t like something, they’re called a very rude word. Yep, kind and respectful.

  • Christian Cawley

    Rock on, nanoo.

  • The Lazy Womble

    Still reserving judgment.

    • Jack Ashcraft

      That has to get more difficult as more is revealed.

      • The Lazy Womble

        It does. But I am hanging on in there

  • Rick714

    Neither bad or good—have to work into it as I do every new look. I must admit though, the first thing I thought of was Mork. I do like the new Tardis look. It has more of the aged wood feel, as opposed to the bright blue plastic look of the Moffat era.

    • The Lazy Womble

      I’m just relieved the TARDIS is still a police box.

      • FrancoPabloDiablo

        Yeah, but it’s going to be the Doctor’s Husband now!

        • James Lomond

          Not necessarily 😉

          • FrancoPabloDiablo

            You are totally right! It wouldn’t be progressive at all unless this female “Doctor” had a TARDIS wife! 🙂

  • Planet of the Deaf

    Not over impressed by the outfit, it looks too much like a costume, rather than a style.

    But then I’m really not a fan of the clothing choices in the JNT era, where Doctors and Assistants got lumbered with some very strange and gimmicky costumes, where too much effort was made to make them look “different”

    • Planet of the Deaf

      Incidentally, I wasn’t a fan of 12’s first outfit either, for the same reasons!

    • Robert Carnegie

      Somehow has me thinking of the critter pictured here (anyone else think Quatermass? Then turn it sideways)

      Probably due to the involvement of Sylvester McCoy. But maybe I’m confusing it with Robin Williams’ extraordinary performance as an alien visitor.

      When Patrick Troughton started off in the show, he had a shtick of craving hats. Maybe there’s a hat out there for this outfit. Even… imagine it with a fez. It works with a fez. Just stay away from River Song then.

      • James Lomond

        I am puzzled by the Vision On reference – please help ??

        • Robert Carnegie

          Well – actually while thinking of “Vision On”, I’d forgotten that the programme title turns into Zebedee’s Martian cousin (maybe I’ll have to explain Zebedee). And I’m not clear that Pat Keysell on the programme, mime or not, dressed like that – I’m fairly sure that Tony Hart didn’t. But somehow, somehow, Doctor Jodie’s costume looks to me like someone who’s going to explain how to make an art project, involving safety scissors. But I’m not sure why.
          So maybe it is spaceman Steven Taylor’s subsequent career in the business of “makes”, on a different programme. But maybe in the same sweater.

  • bar

    Love the TARDIS, like the boots, hate the coat – unless it looks better when moving. Stationary it looks stiff and clumsy, and of course it all looks new and not lived-in so not real yet. Shorter trous and braces has a nice hint of 2, the boots make me think 8 (but then, I’m always thinking of 8) and the TARDIS is lovely. Subtle. Reminds me of the era Chibs complained about, late 80s, though from the pic above it’s darker/greyer. Light looks like a mondasian design. Sad to see the St John badge go, as my friend used to train their people, but does it really mean that much to most worldwide viewers? Probably not.

  • Robin Bland

    I’m actually kinda excited by the new TARDIS, especially the black sign. More like early Tom Baker days. And i was never overly fussed about details like the St. John’s Ambulance sign. As for the costume, it seems like a thing of two halves, quite punky but also utilitarian. Mostly I like it, just maybe not the short culottes, which seem a bit arch. But I’m sure she’ll change it up a bit as the series progresses, just like Capaldi’s Doctor and others before her did.

  • Jack Ashcraft

    She looks like a member of Banana-Rama in the 80s. I hear the death rattles of DW growing louder.

  • Simon Danes

    Excuse me but the handle to the door for the phone is on the wrong side.
    Curiously androgynous look. Seems a bit odd to have a woman Doctor but then give her bovver boots and near-unisex clothes. Oh well. We’ll see.
    I’m not anti the casting but I hope we don’t get a tour of the regions; JW sounds much better doing RP than speaking in her own accent. And this is not because I’m anti-Yorkshire.

    And please let her play it straight, too. The Doctor’s eccentricity is an aspect of the character and should not define it. Essentially, the Doctor is (or should be) a straight and not a comic role.

  • Simon Danes

    Actually… that jumper looks like the sort of thing Steven Taylor used to wear. Maybe the Doctor found one of Steven’s jumpers in the wardrobe.

  • DonnaM

    Well no one can accuse them of sexualising the Doctor, can they? It’s neither outwardly feminine nor in my opinion (and this is far more important – if an outfit looks odd, it looks odd regardless of gender) appealing – but as Bar says, maybe it’ll look better in motion….

    At the moment it screams “costume!” rather than outfit. Still it could be worse – neither stilettos nor a handbag in sight! That may be the first pleasing element of the Chibnall era for me…

    • James Lomond

      Agreed but I think it is fairly feminine in a non-sexualised way – if a guy wore that it would seem very incongruous/ way more deliberately alternative.

  • Ranger

    Never been a fan of short-mast trousers, even in the 80’s, very Bananarama and Dexy’s Midnight Runners (especially the braces), at least pedal-pushers had some attempt at styling, Jodie’s just sort of hang there looking sad and costumey; a whole 80’s vibe going on really, she does sort of look like a tribute act to Mork and Mindy, perhaps after the regeneration the first thing the Doctor sees is an episode and in post-regeneration confusion thinks that’s a great way to dress. I had hoped for a neutral, non-gimmicky outfit, basically give no ammunition to social media, but I suppose totally non-gimmicky would not be the Doctor. It could have been worse. I actually didn’t mind her outfit in the trailer.

    The Tardis does look better in a darker blue, so I am glad we are not going back to the RTD colouring, sad to lose the St John’s Ambulance logo, but I am more interested in what the interior will be.

  • Michael McLaughlin

    “I’m the Doctor and I’m here to help you defeat the Cybermen.”

    “No…you’re some crazy chick cosplaying as Robin Williams, get the hell outta here!”

    • James Lomond

      That’s a bit mean :/
      Better than cosplaying as the Joker (6), Van Helsing (1, 3) or the Bohemian in that Toulouse Lautrec Ambassadeurs poster (4), as Wild Bill Hickock/ Byron (8), as the public’s idea of the opposite of a geek (9) or as himself (7).

  • James Lomond

    Do we know for a fact this is going to be the new look TARDIS exterior? Could just be another publicity mock-up? Looks heavily digitally graded/ airbrushed etc.