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Coming Soon: Mel Returns in Big Finish's Doctor Who: A Life Of Crime

This summer will see the Seventh Doctor and Ace find an old friend returning to the TARDIS.
Melanie Bush is back in action in Big Finish’s next Doctor Who main range trilogy!
Reunited for the first-time since 1987’s Dragonfire, Sylvester McCoy, Bonnie Langford and Sophie Aldred return to the Vortex in a new trilogy of Doctor Who main range adventures, beginning in July 2016.
Doctor Who: A Life of Crime finds an on-the-run Mel pitching up on the paradise planet Ricosta – a sort of space Costa del Crime for lowlifes seeking to retire with the proceeds of their illegal activities but when she runs into the Doctor and Ace, will they even recognise her as the Mel they once knew?
“I’ve loved teaming the Seventh Doctor up with both Mel and Ace,’ says script editor Alan Barnes. ‘I thought they were a companion combination with a huge amount of untapped potential – earnest, perky Mel makes for a fantastic contrast with untamed, sarky Ace. And with the conclusion of our Hex saga, it seemed an opportune moment to look in on Mel, and find out what she’s been up to since leaving the TARDIS. Quite a lot, as it turns out!”
Mel herself, Bonnie Langford added:
“Mel is this supposed calm voice of reason and Ace is the adventurer but actually that flips quite often and they give each other support in their weaker areas at different times when they need it most. There doesn’t seem to be any rivalry – it’s a team effort. They both have the same purpose in mind which is to support the Doctor and make sure that good triumphs over evil.”
Sophie Aldred adds: “And there’s a real fondness there. Ace is still calling Mel “doughnut”, for example!”
The trilogy’s first instalment is Doctor Who: A Life of Crime by Matt Fitton, released in July.

Andrew Reynolds

Coming Soon: Mel Returns in Big Finish's Doctor Who: A Life Of Crime

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