Title Revealed for Class Episode One

A few details about Class, the upcoming Doctor Who spin-off, have started leaking out, including news of a tribute to a former companion and a very special guest star – and now, it seems we know the name of the first episode and who Katherine Kelly will be playing. And no, it’s not the Rani.

Kelly’s Instagram account now includes a photo of the first script, named The Prom. From this, the wannabe Sherlock Holmes among you may deduce that it’s about a prom. Presumably, this involves the cast going on a leisurely walk along the seafront, as opposed to the American translation of the word which involves a dance primarily for students. Ahem.

Okay, so it’s probably not a stroll along the prom (tiddly-om-pom-pom). The series focuses on sixth-formers, straight from school. And leaving school normally involves such a horrific experience as a formal party. I bet they’ll play (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life too.

“Enough!” I hear you cry. “Who is Katherine Kelly playing? You promised us this much…!”

Calm down. You do get yourself in a tizzy, don’t you? Previously only teased as a “powerful new presence at the school,” Kelly will play Miss Quill.

So now we know: the dreaded threat in Class is terrifying seaweed. Heh.

Class has been filming for over a month now, and will air on BBCThree, BBC America, and BBC1 (probably in that order) later this year.