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Are There Any Doctor Who Deals on Amazon Prime Day?

After a shaky start last year, Amazon Prime Day is back – but is it any good?
Well, it’s quiet right now. You might find a few good deals, but they’re pretty few and far between. So far, I’ve bought a CD and a vinyl, and I might get a book later on. You can pick up a couple of Doctor Who bits, depending on which country you’re in – but remember that only Prime members can get these offers. Prime means you get free next-day delivery on the vast majority of items, but it’s an annual cost. Personally, I find it’s worth it (especially as the same membership can be shared if you have numerous accounts under one household), but it depends on how much you order from Amazon and how patient you are. Me? I’m generally the-Doctor-in-The-Power-of-Three impatient.

Amazon UK

Cue tumbleweed.
Series 8 12th Twelfth Peter Capaldi DVD
The main discount here is 30% off the Doctor Who Series 8 Blu-ray. Most die-hard fans will already have this, but it does give you the opportunity to buy it as a gift or upgrade your version if you’ve only got the DVD but have since invested in a Blu-ray player. I’ve only got it on DVD, but it’s not my favourite series (in fact, it’s my least favourite of the 2005- present run), so I’m not too bothered about seeing it in any higher definition right now. One day, I’ll upgrade Series 1 – 8; it can wait, however. And I think quite a few will feel like that
The Blu-ray costs £27.99 on Amazon, but an additional 30% – that’s about £8.40 – will be taken off when you check out, making it less than £20. Not bad at all.
That discount also applies to the Blu-ray of Sherlock: The Abominable Bride, making it less than £10.
If you’ve got LEGO Dimensions, there were a couple of good deals that might appear again over the course of the day. Aside from a set of three Simpsons Level Packs (Homer, Bart, and Krusty), about £10 was knocked off a Doctor Who Level Pack with Cyberman and Dalek Fun Pack, making it £25.99 – roughly the price of the Level Pack on its own, meaning you’re essentially getting the Fun Pack for a few extra pence. Only 40% were claimed this morning so it might crop up again today. Keep an eye on that.

Amazon USA

There are no Doctor Who DVDs or Blu-rays at the time of writing, but Sherlock Series 1 – 3 individual DVDs have a 20% discount each.
Anthony Dry t-shirt
The best deal is the Eleventh/ Twelfth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver (single button version – so minus the odd extra red button that flips open at the bottom). That’s the extendable sonic, not the new one that debuted in Hell Bent. It’s a full $10 saving, bringing the price down to $11.95, which isn’t bad at all, especially considering how cool this screwdriver is. The offer lasts all day, but there’s a limited amount available, so make sure you nab that one up quick!
Otherwise, there’s a 30% off deal on Boys’ Doctor Who t-shirts: two featuring the Cybermen, one with a Weeping Angel, two of the TARDIS, and a, awesome Eleventh Doctor and Amy shirt from Series 5 (featuring the Pandorica), with art by Anthony Dry – the co-founder of Kasterborous, the DWC’s spiritual predecessor.

Keep an eye on Prime Day

Go on the homepage and click on “Shop For Deals.” The department next to the search box will be filtered for Prime Day and from there, you can find Doctor Who items. Any discounted products should have “PRIME DAY DEAL” above it, and in most cases, there’ll be a “Lightning Deal” box to the right after you select the product page.
But remember: you have to sign up for Prime. You can do a free trial, but you’ll need to cancel it after the month or Amazon automatically charges. And you won’t get that trail period again.
Find any good deals? Let us know in the comments below!

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Are There Any Doctor Who Deals on Amazon Prime Day?

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