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Out Now: Doctor Who – The Complete History #24

The 24th issue of Doctor Who: The Complete History is out now, and covers three true classics from the very beginning of Jon Pertwee’s reign as the Third Doctor.
The 15th volume of this 80-book series (unless it’s extended, which it very likely will be) is devoted to serials that introduce two of the Doctor’s most notable threats: the Autons, and the Silurians (sometimes called Eocenes or Homo Reptilia). Also, forerunners to The Simpsons‘ Radioactive Man.

Spearhead from Space

Exiled to Earth by the Time Lords, the newly regenerated Doctor is enlisted by UNIT to combat an invasion by the formless Nestenes and their deadly Auton footsoldiers.

Doctor Who and the Silurians

The Doctor and UNIT are summoned to a subterranean research centre beneath Wenley Moor after it experiences mysterious power losses. The answer to the mystery lies in a nearby cave network, where an ancient race of creatures is returning to life.

The Ambassadors of Death

Contact has been lost with Mars Probe 7. When the vessel sent to recover the crew returns to Earth, the astronauts are kidnapped. Liz detects high levels of radiation in the space capsule, and the Doctor can only conclude that the occupants were not human.

We all know how beloved Season 7 is, and this issue gives you the behind-the-scenes details on Robert Holmes’, Malcolm Hulke’s, and David Whitaker’s tales as well as exploration of how Pertwee got this definitive role.
If you’ve been paying attention, the DWC has already shown a lot of love for Spearhead but we’re yet to shine the light on The Silurians and The Ambassadors of Death; nonetheless, rest assured that we’re fans of what I call “The Liz Shaw era.” Much as I love the Second Doctor’s tenure, there was a freshness to the show’s first foray into the 1970s and into colour television: at a time when the programme had the self-imposed restriction of an exile to Earth, the production team gave us great variety – a retail invasion, the previous owners of the planet, space pioneers and radiation, and, in Inferno, the power of the Earth itself. What an incredible run of serials!
Doctor Who: The Complete History #24 is out now, priced £9.99 in the UK or $24.99 in Australia and New Zealand.

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Out Now: Doctor Who – The Complete History #24

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