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Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Return This October for Series 12

This October, those Infernal Investigators are back.
Fans of The Talons of Weng-Chiang will be pleased to hear that Henry Gordon Jago (Christopher Benjamin) and Professor George Litefoot (Trevor Baxter) return later this year for their 12th series, a boxset that includes four new stories from Paul Morris, Simon Bernard, and Script Editor, Justin Richards.
We last heard from the pair in April, in which they teamed up with the Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker) to fight off one of the Time Lord’s greatest enemies: the Master, as played by Geoffrey Beevers! And that adversary has left a lasting impression, according to Richards:

“As we work on a series of Jago and Litefoot, we’re also thinking ahead about what to do with the next series. So as our heroes battled the Master in Series 11, we decided that at the end of it, the Master should leave something behind – some legacy that would haunt Jago and Litefoot throughout the next series. We also wanted to give the character of [housemaid], Ellie (Lisa Bowerman) a bit more to do. So remembering her vampire past, it seemed like a good idea to make her a villain… So we did…”

The set is also directed by Bowerman, and also welcomes back Conrad Asquith as Inspector Quick.
Here’s the official synopsis:

1. Picture This (by Justin Richards)

An art gallery is robbed, and the curator killed. That might not seem of interest to Jago and Litefoot. But this is the fabled Scarlet Gallery – where the paintings are said to be haunted. And the curator has been drained of blood, as if killed by a vampire.

Bizarrely, the only painting that has been stolen is in itself quite unremarkable compared with the others in the gallery. But even so, Jago and Litefoot soon find themselves caught up in events that could end in their deaths – or worse…

2. The Flickermen (by Paul Morris & Simon Bernard)

Jago is rather scathing of the new art of cinematography. Even so, he accompanies Litefoot to see a demonstration at a fairground. But this is no ordinary film. Can creatures live inside the film – or even escape from it?

Ellie recalls childhood stories about the ‘Flickermen’, and elsewhere people start to flicker in and out of existence. By the end of their adventure, Jago and Litefoot will themselves be film stars. But what they see when the film of them is shown will give them both pause for thought…

3. School of Blood (by Paul Morris)

Acting on a tip off about the possible source of the vampiric murders that are now plaguing London, Jago and Litefoot investigate a girls’ school. Due to a misunderstanding, Litefoot finds himself offered a job at the school, while Jago keeps watch on Ellie who they both think is behaving oddly.

But before long, they both discover that all is not as it should be at the school. Can Jago and Litefoot track down the vampire before it claims more innocent victims?

4. Warm Blood (by Justin Richards)

Ellie tells Jago and Litefoot that she has been in contact with a group of vampires and can lead the investigators to them. But can they trust her? With more victims turning up, Jago, Litefoot and Ellie make their way to a house that is supposed to be haunted, and which could be the vampires’ base of operations.

But what they find there will surprise and horrify Jago and Litefoot. Can they survive their encounter with the vampires when the Old One has decided that they must die?

Big Finish is also excited to announce that Ronald Pickup (The Best Exotic Marigold HotelDoc Martin) is starring as The Old One, his first ever role being in The Reign of Terror; he’s joined by Forbes Masson as Kindred, Ronan Vibert as Mr Ravener, Robbie Stevens as Melchester, David John as Sir James Royston/Pete Stepney, Nigel Whitney as Robert W Paul/Hardwick, David John as Sir James Royston, Jacqueline King as Old Ma Hambley/Miss Broodie, Charlie Hayes as Nellie/Lucilla Fredericks, and Big Finish regular, Niky Wardley as Hannah Bennet.
Jago & Litefoot – Series 12 can be pre-ordered now from Big Finish website for a discounted price of £30 on CD and £25 on download.

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Big Finish: Jago & Litefoot Return This October for Series 12

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