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It’s the perfect time to subscribe to Doctor Who Magazine – because the next issue comes with a limited edition variant cover, exclusive to subscribers!
The proper cover will be unveiled on Monday 22nd August, with the publication released that Thursday (25th August), but any fans who want the next souvenir variation of the main cover need to subscribe before 10th August – that’s this Wednesday.
Editor Tom Spilsbury says:

“We’ve decided to try this idea out as a test, to see if fans like the idea of variant covers with less text and/or a different image to the main cover, on sale in shops.”

Notably, SFX magazine already use the tactic, typically stripping back the cover designs to its base image and the logo, removing all the details of what’s inside so you can fully appreciate the image itself. If you want to get an idea of what that looks like, buy a copy of DWM #502; strip it from its polybag and you’ll see a great image of Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor, Pearl Mackie as Bill, and Matt Lucas as Nardole, the accompanying text stripped away.
If you want that variant cover for Doctor Who Magazine #503, be fast: after 10th, it can’t be guaranteed that you’ll make it onto the subscription list in time, as the one for #503 has to be compiled and finalised by the end of this week.
After their successful 500th issue, the magazine has turned the spotlight on Tom Baker for #501, and the new series in #502; #503 promises the results of the Series 9 survey – I reckon Heaven Sent/ Hell Bent will take the top spot, largely as people would’ve favoured the former thus giving the naff latter a boost in the poll; nonetheless, my favourite is Under the Lake/ Before the Flood, which is actually my favourite Twelfth Doctor story.
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Subscribe to DWM Now & Get A Limited Edition Variant Cover!

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