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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #503

A couple of months ago, we were given an in-depth interview with Tom Baker; this month’s treat, courtesy of the Doctor Who Magazine, is a huge interview with the wonderful Peter Davison, aka the Fifth Doctor!
As well as talking about his long-awaited autobiography (which is due out next month), about the dynamic in the TARDIS in the 1980s, and about how his daughter, Georgia Moffett began sort-of dating David Tennant, Peter compares his time in Doctor Who to what it’s like now:

“The crucial difference – and the reason I loved Doctor Who when it came back, and I still think it’s so good – is that you have a writer at the helm. We didn’t. We had John Nathan-Turner. We had no head writer saying, ‘Okay this is something to be explored.’ We didn’t have that continuity. Each writer was given a plot, basically, and maybe told, ‘Oh, Adric died in the last episode,’ so there might be three lines about it at the beginning of the next story – and then they were off on the next adventure.”

He also talks about the allegations levelled at the producer in Richard Marson’s biography, The Life & Scandalous Times of John Nathan-Turner:

“Honestly, I’ve never come across anyone, apart from in that book, who implies there was anything seedy or predatory about John. You might find someone who says there was, but I never heard any rumours about inappropriate behaviour.  Nothing. I never got the sense that anybody was preyed upon… I loved John. I mean, I don’t think he was the greatest producer in the world. I don’t think he was ideal for Doctor Who. But I loved him dearly.”

It’s a great interview, one I really recommend reading.
Also inside DWM #503:

  • The 2015 Season Survey Results: Find out exactly what the readers of Doctor Who Magazine thought of Series 9, including which story got the highest votes, who won Best Writer, and which was the best set design. Plus, the Merchandise Poll takes a look at the best audios, DVDs, and books of 2015;
  • Making Series 10: Executive Producer, Brian Minchin gives us a taster of what’s to come from the next series starring Peter Capaldi and Pearl Mackie, and expands on those supposed conversations with John Barrowman about Torchwood!
  • The Pestilent Heart: Mark Wright and Mike Collins’ latest comic strip comes to a close;
  • Doctor Who and Homo Reptilia: What will the Time Team make of Series 5’s The Hungry Earth/ Cold Blood?
  • A Taxing Experience: The latest Fact of Fiction takes a look at 1977’s The Sun Makers.
  • Coming Soon: Previews of all the latest audio and book releases.

PLUS! All your usual mix of reviews, news, competitions, The DWM Crossword… and Steven Moffat talking about bringing back Matt Lucas as Nardole.
Doctor Who Magazine #503 is out now, priced £4.99.

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Out Now: Doctor Who Magazine #503

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