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Doctor Who Won't Have A Multi-Doctor Story for Quite A While…

Multi-Doctor stories are the cherry on the anniversary cake. Whenever a big celebration appears on the horizon, speculation once again turns to who will don the old, now probably much tighter, costume once again.
However, such is the love of those time causality causing meet ups, fans at this weekend’s New York Comic Con, couldn’t help but ask the Doctor Who panel when could we expect the next one? The 60th anniversary, right? The 70th? The 80th?
If you are wondering when, well, according to Steven Moffat, you’re in for a bit of a wait:
“We can’t do it all the time. Not in my time on the show will that happen again, I wouldn’t think.
“I don’t think we’re going to do that again until whatever the next anniversary is, the 100th anniversary, which I’ve already told them I’m not going to do because I’m planning on having been dead for a while!”
Yep, mark your diaries everyone! See you in the year 2063… which is in 47 years’ time…that’s a long time to hear “You’ve redecorated?” again.
Expanding on his reasons for the lack of multi-doctor fun, Moffat said:
“We did do that in ‘The Day of the Doctor’. They all fly in to save Gallifrey.
“I remember David Tennant saying at the time, ‘You can only do that kind of thing very rarely – or it stops being special’. It’s just some blokes turning up in an old costume.
“You’ve got to keep it rare so that when all the Doctors meet, the universe shakes, the world changes, and we get fabulous ratings.”
47 years is a long time to get fabulous ratings…

Andrew Reynolds

Doctor Who Won't Have A Multi-Doctor Story for Quite A While…

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