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Coming Soon: Doctor Who Meets The World of Mr Men

Combining two whimsical, humorous and imaginative British favourites, Doctor Who is about to be reimagined as Mr Men book characters with four Doctors set to enter the worlds of Roger Hargreaves.
All twelve incarnations will get their own book with the first four devoted to the First, Fourth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors.
Written and illustrated by Adam Hargreaves The first four books, released in spring 2017, will be Dr First, Dr Fourth, Dr Eleventh and Dr Twelfth.
The idea of mashing together two perennial family favourites was prompted by a number of unofficial Mr Men mash-ups created by fans and posted online.
Alastair McHarrie, Licensing Director of Japanese gift company Sanrio said:
“There is a wealth of unofficial fan-created content online. We wanted to give something back to these supporters so we’ve created the first official Hargreaves mash-up. Who better to partner with than another classic British property, Doctor Who. We couldn’t be more excited.”
The books are a collaboration between Sanrio, BBC Worldwide and Penguin Random House publishing and are expected to “delight fans of all ages”.
The first four, Dr First, Dr Fourth, Dr Eleventh and Dr Twelfth will be released in Spring 2017.

Andrew Reynolds

Coming Soon: Doctor Who Meets The World of Mr Men

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