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Peter Capaldi Criticises Plans to Reveal BBC Salaries

Peter Capaldi has criticised the BBC’s requirement to disclose the pay of high-earning talent as little more than an attempt to ‘dismantle’ the broadcaster.
Under a new clause in the royal charter the BBC are required to reveal the salary of those paid more than £150,000 a year, with stars such as Graham Norton and Gary Lineker expected to have their earnings disclosed under the rules.
Speaking at this weekend’s New York Comic Con, Capaldi said:
“It’s people just embarking upon attacking the BBC for no particular reason other than they’d like to dismantle it because it is powered by an ethos of artistic spirit, ambition and intelligence that is no longer fashionable.”
It’s a sentiment echoed by showrunner Steven Moffat, who asked:
“How is the BBC supposed to compete with everybody else providing entertainment if they’re not allowed to pay people properly, if they’re under a ridiculous level of scrutiny?
“It’s not fair and it’s not reasonable and I don’t like it. Anyone can know what I make for a living, I don’t care. It’s silly.”
Speaking of earning a living, Capaldi is still undecided (or is not ready to disclose his plans) as to whether or not to continue as the Doctor past Series 10:
“Obviously I have to think about it at some point, but I love the job so much it’s something I don’t want to think about,” he said. “I keep putting it off. I’m just rolling along and enjoying it as it happens.”
Doctor Who will return with The Return of Doctor Mysterio on Christmas Day on BBC One.

Andrew Reynolds

Peter Capaldi Criticises Plans to Reveal BBC Salaries

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