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What Did You Think of Class: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart?

We’re at the midway mark in the Doctor Who spin-off, Class, and things appear to be coming to a head with the Shadow Kin already. Ram (Fady Elsayed) thinks he has April’s (Sophie Hopkins) heart but we all know it sort-of-kinda-not-really belongs to Corakinus (Paul Marc Davis).
Meanwhile, Tanya (Vivian Oparah) and Mattheusz (Jordan Renzo) are troubled by Charlie’s (Greg Austin) alienness – his treatment of Miss Quill (Katherine Kelly) and his soul cabinet, the one that’s probably not available from Ikea. Oh, and there’s an alien invasion by subterfuge in the form of lovely petals that have quite an appetite.
It’s been quite a busy week for the class… but what did you think of this instalment? Why not tell us in the following poll?
(I’m not openly inviting you to come up with reasons not to vote; it was rhetorical. I just want you to vote, pretty please.)

Voted? Thanks, petal. But that’s not enough for everyone here at the DWC. We’re like ravenous flowers. Many people have commented on it. So why not expand on your thoughts in the comments section below? (Rhetorical!) Then keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming round-up of each episode, taking into account how you, dear reader, felt about Class.
It was written, as is the whole series, by Patrick Ness, so are you enjoying his work? Should he write for Doctor Who? What about the visuals, by director, Philippa Langdale?

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What Did You Think of Class: Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart?

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