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Doctor Who Experience to Close in 2017

If you fancy seeing the K-1 robot or perhaps all the Daleks across the ages side by side, then you’ve only got until summer 2017 as the Doctor Who Experience is set to close next year.
The Experience exhibition in Cardiff, which displays props, sets and costumes from the BBC sci-fi series, is set to close as its five-year lease comes to an end – currently there are no concrete plans in place to relocate the exhibition to another location.
BBC Worldwide said in a statement:
“The Doctor Who Experience has enjoyed a fantastic five-year run in Cardiff Bay but, sadly, our five-year sub-lease from the City of Cardiff Council will come to an end in Summer 2017.”
While they went on to tell the Radio Times that there were ‘not sure yet’ of what the future may hold, they added:
“BBC Worldwide is always looking at new and exciting ways to increase fans’ enjoyment of Doctor Who.”
As to what will come of the props, costumes and production artefacts, BBC Worldwide added:
“We are exploring ways in which we can use the artefacts in possible new events.”
The exhibition originally opened in London in 2011, before being moved to the purpose-built construction in Cardiff in 2012, and featured an interactive adventure segment starring Matt Smith as well as a large array of props, sets and costumes from the series.
In 2014, it was revamped featuring a new story that starred Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor and included other new exhibits. Fans were also afforded the opportunity to tie In their visit to the exhibition with a tour of the actual TARDIS set which is based at nearby Roath Lock Studios; walking tours around Cardiff also let fans how the show had transformed the city and the surrounding areas into far off alien worlds.
As the news broke, fans have already created a petition to save the Doctor Who Experience which managed to gain over 4,400 signatures in less than 24 hours.  Fans have also been using the #savetheDWE to spread the word and share memories of the exhibition.
What are your memories of the Doctor Who Experience? What do you make of the closure? Do we need the Doctor Who Experience or has its time past? Do you worry what will happen to all those valuable and treasured props, costumes and artefacts?

Andrew Reynolds

Doctor Who Experience to Close in 2017

by Andrew Reynolds time to read: 2 min
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