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Steven Moffat on the Chances of a Twelfth Doctor/Eighth Doctor Episode

Who doesn’t want to see Paul McGann back on board the TARDIS one more time? Well, of course you’d need a story and multi-doctor stories aren’t known for how easy they are to write. Plus, we’ve already been told that there isn’t an anniversary worth enough of such a story until…erm…47 years. So, the outlook isn’t too rosy.
However, Speaking to Doctor Who Magazine Steven Moffat was asked by fan Steve Dunn wrote in to the new issue saying: “Please do [a multi-Doctor story with] the Eighth Doctor with the Twelfth Doctor.”
To which Steven Moffat replied:
“A multi-Doctor story is best contemplated from the position of not having to write one. The one time I’ve done it [‘The Day of the Doctor’], I found it rancidly difficult and awful.”
He explained:
“…what I kept saying to people at the time was this: ‘There’s a reason there’s usually only one Doctor in Doctor Who.’”
So despite McGann’s willingness to return to the role on TV, earlier this year he said there’s still a bit of potential for the Eighth Doctor to appear onscreen again, commenting:  “It feels like it ain’t quite over…” it doesn’t look good for any multi-Doctor story – let alone one featuring the Eighth Doctor.
Not to sound like John Barrowman, but perhaps we might get a better response from Chris Chibnall…
Still there’s always The Night of the Doctor. 

Andrew Reynolds

Steven Moffat on the Chances of a Twelfth Doctor/Eighth Doctor Episode

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