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Coming Soon: Titan Comics' Eleventh Doctor Year Three & Twelfth Doctor #2.13

A new year brings new adventures for the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors as Titan Comics unleash a brace of new issues.
It’s the start of year three for the Eleventh Doctor and it’s a case of same great creators – whole new flavor! The Eleventh Doctor begins his blockbuster third year with writer Rob Williams  and series artists Simon Fraser  and Leandro Casco in the hot seat! Year Three unfolds in single issue stories, as the Doctor and Alice Obiefune, seeking a fresh start after the stresses of last year’s epic mystery, set off in search of strange new worlds and amazing new sights! Every issue is packed with story and wonder! Dive deep into the unseen reaches of time and space! Super-accessible jumping on point for new readers – come see what the fuss is all about!
You can also pick up five variant covers from artists Josh Burns, Will Brooks, Question No. 6, Simon Fraser, and Simone Di Leo.

Speaking of same great creators, how about the continuing adventures of the Twelfth Doctor, which sees our heroes come face to face with a French swordswoman, dark matter monsters, alternate universes, swashbuckling adventure and symbiotic intrigue – all just another Wednesday for the Doctor! But when you throw in secret police, an alien takeover of the aristocracy, a villainous Count, the inquisition, and alchemical discoveries…well, then it gets interesting! More breathless adventure and visual delight from the stellar Twelfth Doctor team of Robbie Morrison and Rachael Stott.
This too comes with variant covers from the likes of Simon Fraser, Will Brooks, Question No. 6 and Verity Glass.

Doctor Who – Eleventh Doctor Year Three #1 and Doctor Who – Twelfth Doctor #2.13 are available to buy digitally via Comixology and physically via Forbidden Planet on Wednesday 4th January.

Andrew Reynolds

Coming Soon: Titan Comics' Eleventh Doctor Year Three & Twelfth Doctor #2.13

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