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Night Study: Here's What You Thought of Nightvisiting

Morning, class. Sorry I’m late, I didn’t sleep particularly well. I had this odd dream where my fish from when I was 8 was trying to talk to me. I’ll tell you what, they were the saddest *blub blubs* I’ve heard since that one Hath died in The Doctor’s Daughter.
Anyway, onto Nightvisiting, the final Patrick Ness/Ed Bazalgette episode.
So, what did we all think?

Fantastic: the stuff dreams are made of 34.62%  (18 votes) 

Another enjoyable episode 34.62%  (18 votes) 

I’m warming to it: lots of untapped potential 7.69%  (4 votes) 

I wish it morphed into something good 21.15%  (11 votes) 

Enough to give me nightmares! 1.92%  (1 votes)

Like me, a lot of you seemed to think that this was the first properly great episode of Class. For me, it improved on the two things I wanted the show to work on: Tanya’s character, and the humour.
Before I go on, let’s take a second to give some praise to director, Ed Bazalgette. That montage at the start of this episode was both poignant and subdued. It served as a great opening that set the melancholy tone of the episode perfectly. It takes a talented director to make an episode that takes place predominantly in two rooms still visually interesting for its runtime, and Ed pulls this off. Bazalgette definitely leaves his time on Class on a high note.
I was excited when I realised this episode would be a character-piece, basically just an episode of talking as I feel like this is exactly what the show needed, especially at this stage. I’m glad this provided necessary development for Tanya (Vivian Oparah), who to me was the weakest character up to now.
Also getting the spotlight was Mrs. Quill (Katherine Kelly), who’s still the best character, which provided interesting development for her character, as well as learning about the culture of the Quill species (Is it just me, or is it sometimes easy to forget that Quill and Charlie, played by Greg Austin, are aliens?).
I also thought the comedy in this episode was great: the jokes were funny and timed perfectly. (The “do you always see your parents after sex” line caught me off guard by how funny it was). It was great to see Matteusz (Jordan Renzo) again, even though I had this nagging feeling that he’s not long for this world.
In our review, we said:

“One thing that strikes you about Class, even three episodes in, is just how minimalist it is. Not for the AS-level students the joys of a hundred green screen alien landscapes, nor the jet-setting beach-hopping frenzy that is Torchwood. They don’t even have Sarah Jane’s Nissan to gallivant off to a jolly at an art gallery. This lot are stuck in Shoreditch – stuck, in fact, in particular buildings in Shoreditch, as if physically tethered to them, the same way the nocturnal intruders are to the vine. What’s telling in Nightvisiting is how much of the action is confined to a series of bedrooms, with Ram and April’s dalliance on the Triffid-infested streets bearing the hallmark of an illicit after-hours encounter between two lovestruck teenagers. They even have a snog in a bus shelter, for heaven’s sake.”

And this is where we come to my only real complaints – nitpicks, really. It seemed off that Ram (Fady Elsayed) would seem happy when he and April (Sophie Hopkins) kissed; you’d think that he’d at least be thrown after seeing your dead girlfriend earlier that night.
Also, this is sort of an April specific complaint, but man her dialogue alternates from absolutely fine to bargain bin YA novels in seconds (The “I’m not made of glass” speech is rough).
Here’s just a few comments to gauge the DWC reaction for Nightvisiting.

So will you be revisiting Nightvisiting…?

David Power

Night Study: Here's What You Thought of Nightvisiting

by David Power time to read: 3 min
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