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Mark Gatiss Shares Details About Series 10 Episode

Heading back to the 1970’s, this months ‘fab’ Doctor Who Magazine not only features a look at the grooviest decade – complete with a Third Doctor comic, a chat with Katy Manning and a look at the career of screen writer and novelist Terrance Dicks; it also features an interview with actor and writer, Mark Gatiss.
Sharing a little detail about his upcoming series 10 episode – which we now know won’t be a follow up to series nine’s Sleep No More (hurrah!) – Gatiss said:
“… with the new companion, Pearl [Mackie, who plays Bill in the 2017 series], Steven said, ‘You can’t pretend that people aren’t aware of sci-fi,’ so she’s actually saying things like, ‘Is it like that bit in that film –?’ (Laughs)
In my new one, I’ve got a running joke about these films, because the Doctor doesn’t know what she’s talking about, because he doesn’t watch sci-fi films. He’s going, ‘Is that the one where the little girl goes to see the wizard?’ ‘No!’”
Sounds a lot like Malcolm Tucker’s description of Star Wars from The Thick of It.

You can read the full interview in DWM 508 which is available from tomorrow January 12th.  

Andrew Reynolds

Mark Gatiss Shares Details About Series 10 Episode

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