Mark Gatiss Shares Details About Series 10 Episode

Heading back to the 1970’s, this months ‘fab’ Doctor Who Magazine not only features a look at the grooviest decade – complete with a Third Doctor comic, a chat with Katy Manning and a look at the career of screen writer and novelist Terrance Dicks; it also features an interview with actor and writer, Mark Gatiss.


Sharing a little detail about his upcoming series 10 episode – which we now know won’t be a follow up to series nine’s Sleep No More (hurrah!) – Gatiss said:

“… with the new companion, Pearl [Mackie, who plays Bill in the 2017 series], Steven said, ‘You can’t pretend that people aren’t aware of sci-fi,’ so she’s actually saying things like, ‘Is it like that bit in that film –?’ (Laughs)

In my new one, I’ve got a running joke about these films, because the Doctor doesn’t know what she’s talking about, because he doesn’t watch sci-fi films. He’s going, ‘Is that the one where the little girl goes to see the wizard?’ ‘No!’”

Sounds a lot like Malcolm Tucker’s description of Star Wars from The Thick of It.

You can read the full interview in DWM 508 which is available from tomorrow January 12th.