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#FollowFriday: Charity Wakefield

It’s 2017, and #FollowFriday is back! This is our sometimes-weekly feature pointing fans in the direction of Doctor Who-related girls and boys on Twitter. And as it’s Twelfth Doctor Week at the DWC, today’s #FF is for the wonderful…
Charity Wakefield!
Charity played Lucy Fletcher in the most recent Christmas special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio; in our review, we said:

“I like her fieriness, how clever and intuitive she is, and how she handles small, important, quiet moments. There’s a strength to her – perhaps born from looking after a baby on her own, while also juggling a career, in an alien-infested city that never sleeps – but also a contemplative calmness; as an investigative journalist, we can naturally draw some comparisons with Sarah Jane Smith…”

Wakefield was obviously overjoyed to be in the show, which is always great to hear, saying:

This role felt like a very early Christmas gift to me… I read the script and just absolutely jumped at the chance – it was so fun, so full of energy and vitality, and a great opportunity to play a character in Doctor Who that isn’t completely concealed by an alien outfit.”

The actress’ first role was back in 2004’s (Past Present Future) Imperfect, followed by Hex, in which she also played a character called Lucy. Since then, she’s starred in episodes of Sense and Sensibility (2008), Agatha Christie’s Marple (2013), Wolf Hall, and The Player (both 2015), alongside her theatre work including Yesterday Was a Weird Day, about the 2005 terrorist attacks in London.
Recently, she’s been promoting her role in The Halcyon (2017).

But don’t worry – there’s plenty about Doctor Who too!

… As well as lots of other random topics.

Follow Charity @charitywakefld.

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#FollowFriday: Charity Wakefield

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