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David Tennant: "Doctor Who Changes Your Life"

In all likelihood, if you find yourself reading this, you have probably watched an episode or two of this old show called Doctor Who. It has certainly impacted upon the lives of the writers here at The DWC and the countless numbers of fans around the world who tune in for the adventures of a mad man in a box.

One of our former Doctors recently spoke on The Andrew Marr Show about how the show that started out as a mild curiosity in a junkyard turned into quite the great spirit of adventure. David Tennant spoke of the size and impact of the show and I think we can all agree that the scale of its audience and the love that people have for this silly bigger-on-the-inside show is truly spectacular.

Doctor Who is a part of popular culture that could never have been anticipated when the first episode aired. It’s frequently referenced by all kinds of people in a variety of different situations and you can never go for more than a day without hearing something that returns your mind to the Doctors time travelling adventures. And just think how often someone describes something as a TARDIS! Tennant said:

“It’s part of the national conversation. It’s part of our cultural furniture. That’s a huge honour to be in the middle of, but it’s quite a responsibility… It changes your life… It’s an undertaking.”

As in previous years when the discussion turns to who the new Doctor may be, people seem to think that the actors who have previously taken on the role are the ones to ask who will be next. As if they are all in some form of telepathic contact and know when another joins their ranks. But the answer is tightly locked away. All David could say was that he didn’t know who the next Doctor would be and that even if he did he wouldn’t say anything. What we do know is that the sheer scale of the show and its fanbase changes the life of those involved. It’s a huge undertaking, but one which fans are now aware of more than ever.

But until then, they forget we have a whole new series with the gloriously magnificent Twelfth Doctor still to come. I am so very excited that as I write this my little fan brain can’t quite believe how soon we’ll have new episodes. All that remains to be said is that the brand spanking new series of Doctor Who starts on April 15th on BBC One!!!

Katie Gribble

David Tennant: "Doctor Who Changes Your Life"

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