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Every Doctor Who Series 10 Episode Title Confirmed!

There’s always a thrill of excitement when a new batch of episode titles appear out of the void. 12 shiny new episodes are on their way, and the BBC has confirmed the title for all of Series 10.
These are expected to air between 15th April and 1st July; fingers crossed no live event gets in the way. Like the Eurovision Song Contest in May, for instance. Somebody cancel it, just in case.
Peter Capaldi is due to appear in all stories in Series 10 alongside Pearl Mackie, while Matt Lucas’ Nardole will star in most but not all. Here’s the full line-up:

  1. The Pilot. Writer: Steven Moffat; Director: Lawrence Gough.
  2. Smile. Writer: Frank Cottrell-Boyce; Director: Lawrence Gough.
  3. Thin Ice. Writer: Sarah Dollard; Director: Bill Anderson.
  4. Knock Knock. Writer: Mike Bartlett; Director: Bill Anderson.
  5. Oxygen. Writer: Jamie Mathieson; Director: Charles Palmer.
  6. Extremis. Writer: Steven Moffat; Director: Daniel Nettheim.
  7. The Pyramid at the End of the World. Writer: Peter Harness; Director: Daniel Nettheim.
  8. The Lie of the Land. Writer: Toby Whithouse; Director: Wayne Yip.
  9. The Empress of Mars. Writer: Mark Gatiss; Director: Wayne Yip.
  10. The Eaters of Light. Writer: Rona Munro; Director: Charles Palmer.
  11. World Enough and Time. Writer: Steven Moffat; Director: Rachel Talalay.
  12. The Doctor Falls. Writer: Steven Moffat; Director: Rachel Talalay.

Just imagine them all lined up on your shelf in Classic Who DVD style. Lovely.
A few very intriguing names there, but perhaps none more so than World Enough and Time. Whatever could that mean?! I guess we’ll soon find out…
Doctor Who Series 10 starts this weekend on BBC One. Finally, we can say that: this weekend.

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Every Doctor Who Series 10 Episode Title Confirmed!

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