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Skype Launches First Ever Doctor Who Bot – The Saviour of Time

Skype have launched a brand-new Doctor Who game that lets you be the companion in a search for The Key to Time.
The Saviour of Time (which I guess is you. Hurray for you!), is an interactive digital experience where fans get the exciting opportunity to be the Doctor’s companion as the Doctor Who bot immerses them in a specially-written six-part adventure.
In a world first, the players will experience the Doctor communicating/shouting at them directly and setting them challenges that can only be solved by the best companions. So don’t screw it up!
The bot includes challenges, logic puzzles, and quizzes, revolving around the search for a mysterious artefact known as the Key to Time. Scattered throughout time and space, users must locate all six segments of the Key and restore it before the universe explodes a bit.

The Doctor Who Bot will feature exclusive voice-over from Twelfth Doctor actor Peter Capaldi, and is creatively developed by writing talent Joe Lidster (The Sarah Jane Adventures).
Following its launch, a new chapter will be released every Sunday at 6PM (BST).
So where do you find the bot? Well it’s available from the Skype Bot directory in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Republic of Ireland, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Italy, Spain, France, Netherlands, Austria, Sweden, Czech Republic, Estonia, Portugal, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, and Gallifrey (probably).
Here’s a handy link to the Doctor Who bot too! 

Andrew Reynolds

Skype Launches First Ever Doctor Who Bot – The Saviour of Time

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