The PodKast With A K Simulation Runs Again

You might still be reeling from the events of The Lie of the Land, but cast your mind back to Extremis, the beginning of the so-called “Monk Trilogy.” The Doctor isn’t the Doctor, Bill isn’t Bill, CERN isn’t CERN, and Nardole’s coat isn’t real either.

What was the point of that episode? That’s what the PodKast With A K team discuss in this mid-Series 10 instalment.

For those who liked Extremis, the whole point was to give us 50 minutes (ish) of entertainment. For those who thought it was a damp squib, it was a complete waste of time, and they might as well have skipped straight to The Pyramid at the End of the World. Right? Mind you, if you took that attitude, you could skip pretty much every episode between a season premiere and its finale. Sorry folks, but that’s the terrifying truth inside the Veritas…

Do you agree with the PodKasters? Was it a pointless episode or did it live up to Series 10’s strong standards?