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Patrick Ness Confirms He Won't Be Doing Class Series 2

Although the BBC has yet to announce the future of Doctor Who spin-off, Class, writer, Patrick Ness has revealed that he won’t be returning.
It seems that Ness is irked by the BBC’s attitude to the show: it was relatively hidden away on BBC Three before late night repeats on BBC One; however, it proved a hit on BBC America, where it’s been screened alongside Doctor Who Series 10. Patrick, whose other credits include A Monster Calls, The Rest of Us Just Live Here, and The Chaos Walking series, spoke out on Twitter, where he also teased what a potential second series of Class would’ve included:

“And if I HAD got a 2nd season: weeping angel civil war & PLANET, Quill has a dangerous son, Charlie & Matteusz shirtless wood chopping…”

We presume the last bit was a joke. Nonetheless, a Weeping Angel civil war is certainly intriguing, while the promise of seeing their home planet will be divisive. It’d surely be an extremely dangerous place, but then again, if we learn more about them, don’t they lose some of what makes them popular?
Regardless, Ness wrote:

“I decided awhile back that, with unbelievable regret, I won’t be writing any more Class, even if a season 2 moves ahead. It has been the MOST amazing experience. I loved it, and I am so proud of the show and what we made. My heart just bursts with happy. But we should be filming right now. With the new cycles of Who, we’d pretty much need to be to be on the air before even 2019. But we’re not. And that’s just TV and how it goes! Not even the littlest bit bitter. What an amazing experience. I remain baffled by the sched decisions of BBC1, which were odd for a critically-acclaimed show. But again, I’m so grateful for the chance! So thank you all SO MUCH for the love and support for Class, all the tweets and love for the cast, all the videos! Amazing. If I’m honest, a season 2 has been a faint hope, but it’s a fact that BBC America LOVES the show, so who know? If so, I wish them wings! But what a lucky man I’ve been to have been able to make a show I’m so proud of and work with wonderful people. Never even dreamed it. And I think, truly, that my cast are going to be smashing it for years to come. Pxxxx”

The decision might also come as his Chaos Walking books are set for big-screen adaptation starring Daisy Ridley (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and Tom Holland (Spider-Man: Homecoming).
Needless to say, despite its stateside success, it’s unlikely that Class will now get a second series commissioned. We live in hope, however – especially as there’s talk that BBC Worldwide are very interested in a Doctor Who spin-off.
Sadly, it leaves a lot of plot strands dangling in the Who universe; just watch the Series 1 finale. It sets up so much!
Are you happy or sad to see Ness leave Class? Might other writers (as with the tie-in novels) give it new significance? Or do you think this is The End for the show?

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Patrick Ness Confirms He Won't Be Doing Class Series 2

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