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How Did Jodie Whittaker React to Finding Out She's the Thirteenth Doctor?

Well, hello chums! I’m glad to see that all this fuss about a female playing the Doctor has died down and we can get on with looking forward to a revitalised show with a new Doctor and new showrunner next year…
And in totally unrelated news, I haven’t been on the internet for three weeks and have been hiding under a rock in Norway with a variety of digital appendages stuck in my ears.
Anyway, it would appear that our new Doctor has a sensitive soul as she revealed yesterday, whilst speaking on Radio 6 Music, that she cried when she discovered she had won the role of a lifetime.
She was in the middle of filing new BBC 1 drama Trust Me when she was given the news. How fitting is that?! Trust me… I’m THE Doctor, indeed!
She went on to say:

“I’m about to play an alien – as a girl, who knew?! And that’s incredible and it’s really emotional because of that and I feel I’m immersing myself into a world and the love of it.

“The fans are the most kind of creative and enthusiastic people and it’s so exciting to be a part of that. I know quite a few people who have been in it and talking to them it’s a moment in their life and there’s only a few people who know what it’s like. There’s only thirteen of us.”

She also confessed that she had spoken to several former Doctors for advice, but is understandably cagey about who and what they might have said. This is quite an exclusive club, after all.
And we all know that the first rule of The Former Doctors Club is that you don’t talk about The Former Doctors Club…
What do you think their advice might’ve been? “Stay off Twitter”…?

Simon Mills

How Did Jodie Whittaker React to Finding Out She's the Thirteenth Doctor?

by Simon Mills time to read: 1 min
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