The PodKast with a K Asks: What Do You Think of Jodie Whittaker’s Casting?

Has the dust settled? I’m not sure it ever will, really. It’s been a little while since Jodie Whittaker was announced as the Thirteenth Doctor, and obviously as the first female Doctor. Arguments continue from both sides of the fence, and won’t have anything concrete to go on until (if rumours are to be believedDoctor Who Series 11 airs in Autumn 2018.

And even then, one side will claim she’s the best Doctor ever; and the other that Doctor Who isn’t Doctor Who anymore.

With that in mind, the PodKast with a K gauged the opinion of faithful listeners.

Christian Cawley and James McLean – who find themselves on opposite sides on this debate – talk about the reaction to Jodie’s casting, including Peter Davison’s request on Twitter for a bit of reason and understanding for those unsure about change (a well-judged tweet that nonetheless resulted in Davison receiving unfair abuse and leaving the social platform).

Elsewhere, the pair discuss the show’s potential future… on streaming services!

What the heck? It’s Sunday. Time to relax and enjoy some healthy discussion. Take an hour out and listen to the PodKast.

And while we’re here, it’s worth noting that this has also split opinion here at the DWC – though I’m pleased (but not surprised) to say that our differing POVs don’t divide us. Mez takes a positive stance, while I’m admittedly pretty negative about the whole situation. Alex defends everyone’s right to freedom of speech, and Andy cuts through the rhetoric.

So, he says with some trepidation, what do DWC readers think…?

  • Liam

    I am optimistic. I think she looks like the Doctor, which is something I can’t quite explain.

  • Peter Rabytt

    Personally I think it’s impossible to assess whether she carries off the role and how good, or bad, she is until we see the next series. For me that would be true whoever they cast. I have never seen her in anything but people say she is a good actor. Whether she is a good Doctor, well….only seeing her in the role will allow me to make a judgement. I always struggle a bit with a new Doctor, it takes time for me to accept them as the character. I doubt it will be any different this time. I just hope the writing and atmosphere of the show is good. I enter the next series with an open mind, as I always try to. Looking forward to it.