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Bradley Walsh Didn't Have to Audition for Doctor Who Role

There’s a small chance that you’ve heard that Bradley Walsh will be a regular star in Doctor Who Series 11, alongside Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor, and now Walsh has revealed that he didn’t even have to audition for the part of Graham!
Walsh, best known for presenting the quiz show, The Chase, was on evening magazine programme, The One Show and was naturally quizzed about being in the upcoming series. Questioned how he got involved – “I just got asked!” – he was then asked if he auditioned – and he made this revelation:

“No, Chris Chibnall, who runs it, asked if I fancy being in the show, so we went down to meet.”

He recalled the first script read-through at BBC Cymru:

“I’d go through a scanner, then you were taken into this big, big room. Massive like a warehouse room, painted black. There was eight of us sitting round the table, right in the middle with a light on top. [We had] black envelopes with a script in them, with your name embossed in gold. We had to open them at the same time. You’ve never seen anything like it.”

Presumably, this first session was attended by Chibnall, Whittaker, and Walsh as well as Mandip Gill (Yasmin) and Tosin Cole (Ryan). Guest stars might have also been there, but more likely, the Executive Producers, Matt Strevens and Sam Hoyle. Presumably, director, Jamie Childs finished the line-up.
Honestly, it’s a bit of a shock that Walsh didn’t have to audition. I can’t think of the last person who didn’t. Steven Moffat had earmarked Peter Capaldi for the role of the Twelfth Doctor, but even he auditioned (albeit at Moffat’s house).
On one hand, you can say that at least Chibnall knows exactly what he wants, possibly wrote the part with Bradley in mind, and Walsh has proven himself in such TV shows as Law & Order: UK and The Sarah Jane Adventures. On the other, it seems pretty unprofessional.
So what do you think, dear readers? Which side of the fence do you find yourself? Or are you firmly placed on top of it until Series 11 rolls around (in Autumn 2018)?

Philip Bates

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Bradley Walsh Didn't Have to Audition for Doctor Who Role

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