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New Photos Unveiled for Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Time

With only a few weeks to go, the BBC has released a new batch of photos from the Doctor Who 2017 Christmas special, Twice Upon A Time.
This is the last regular appearance of Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor, and he’s joined by David Bradley as the First Doctor, and Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts. We’ve already seen a glorious reunion for the pair in the BBC Christmas teaser trailer.
The photos further show Mark Gatiss as an as-yet-unnamed First World War Captain, in the Twelfth and First Doctors’ TARDISes. Twice Upon A Time follows straight on from The Doctor Falls, and so the images also include the Doctor in his beaten jacket, reeling from the Cybermen’s attacks in the Series 10 finale.
Feast your eyes on this festive gallery:

Twice Upon A Time is directed by Rachel Talalay (Heaven Sent/ Hell Bent), and is the last Doctor Who to be written by outgoing showrunner, Steven Moffat. It airs on BBC1 at 5:30pm on 25th December 2017.

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New Photos Unveiled for Christmas Special, Twice Upon A Time

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