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Original Scripts from Shada to be Auctioned Off For Charity

Original scripts from the sort-of-lost Doctor Who serial, Shada will be auctioned off for charity – but you’ll have to have a healthy bank account to afford them!
The scripts belonged to the serial’s director, the late Pennant Roberts, and have been donated by his widow, Betsan Roberts to raise money for homeless charity, Shelter Cymru. That’s incredible provenance, and the winning bidder will have an important piece of Doctor Who history. They even have Roberts’ notes on!
Auctioneers, Rogers Jones Co. lists it as Lot 303, described as:

“The scripts are dated 1979 and the camera script for `Day 2, Recording A`, dated Sunday 4th 1979, this has the Dr Who logo and extensive credits.”

The auction was supposed to take place on Friday 2nd March 2018, but the bad weather (you might have noticed a little bit of snow around) postponed it, so it will now happen this coming Tuesday (6th March).
But the guide price is £200- £400. And we reckon it’ll climb higher than that, because hey, it’s Doctor Who!
It’s a very good time for Shada fans: it’s recently been animated and released on DVD and Blu-ray by BBC Worldwide. Written by Douglas Adams (The Pirate Planet), the Fourth Doctor story was partly filmed but abandoned due to (essentially) industrial action; for the latest release, the original cast was brought back to record voiceovers to accompany the animation.
If you’re intending to bid, head over to the Cardiff Saleroom, South Wales, for 10:30am on 6th March 2018.

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Original Scripts from Shada to be Auctioned Off For Charity

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