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Rachel Talalay Invited Back to Direct Doctor Who Series 11

Director, Rachel Talalay was invited to work on Doctor Who Series 11 – but turned down the offer for personal reasons.
Talalay was asked on Twitter if she’d be back, and although she was apparently offered, she had to refuse. Fortunately, she’s hopeful for the future. She said:

“[N]ot going back on Who this series (11), although invited, but timing was not good for personal reasons. Perhaps S12… time and space will tell…”

Talalay proved a popular director throughout the Twelfth Doctor era, and was charged with helming each series finale: Dark Water/ Death in HeavenHeaven Sent/ Hell Bent, and World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls. She also saw out Peter Capaldi’s tenure with Twice Upon A Time.

Doctor Who Series 11 sees big changes behind-the-scenes, notably as Steven Moffat hands over the showrunning mantle to Chris Chibnall. Talalay is the first director to confirm she’s not returning for the next run of episodes, although we’ve previously heard that writers, Mark Gatiss, Sarah Dollard, and Jamie Mathieson won’t be back either.
Jamie Childs is the only confirmed director for the next season right now; however, we’re 99% sure Sallie Aprahamian and Mark Tonderai are also working on Series 11. Jodie Whittaker’s debut episodes as the Thirteenth Doctor are expected to air in October 2018.
Are you sad Talalay won’t be back? Or should she stay synonymous with the Twelfth Doctor?

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Rachel Talalay Invited Back to Direct Doctor Who Series 11

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