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Russell T. Davies Reveals Why He'll Never Write Another Doctor Who Episode

Russell T. Davies may have returned to the world of Doctor Who with his recent novelisation of his very first episode, Rose, but it’s unlikely that we’ll be seeing his writing credit flying through the time vortex again any time soon.
Speaking in this month’s Doctor Who Magazine (via Radio Times), where he once again took over the Production Notes column that he used to pen during his time as showrunner from 2005-2010, he was asked if he would ever consider returning to the main show.
He said:
“But really, think about it. Go back to the job you had 13 years ago. Or go back to your old school. Walk in, say hello, take your old seat. And start giving instructions! Watch everyone’s faces. Shortly before they call the police.
“There’s a wonderful play by Alan Bennett, A Visit from Miss Prothero, which is a ruthless warning against ever feeling you’ve been missed.
“Move on! And besides. Why look back? The future is golden.”
But don’t despair if you still cling to the idea that one day he shall come back (yes, he shall come back) because, as it turns out, he never really left…sort of.
Speaking of his recent venture into Target novelisations, he added:
“People keep saying, ‘Oh you’re back, you’re back in Doctor Who, back, back, back! But…I never went away! I’m a Doctor Who fan. It’s permanent. It’s indelible, it’s instinct.”
Amen to that!
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Doctor Who will return this autumn on BBC One.

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Russell T. Davies Reveals Why He'll Never Write Another Doctor Who Episode

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