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The Woman Who Fell to Earth Most Watched Debut For 10 Years

Jodie Whittaker’s debut episode, The Woman Who Fell to Earth, scored the biggest Doctor Who series launch in a decade on Sunday night.
An average of 8.2 million tuned in to see the Thirteenth Doctor crash land in Sheffield, beating the BBC’s other Sunday night ratings behemoth, Bodyguard, which drew an audience of 6.7 million viewers back in August – although time will tell if Doctor Who follows it’s example and continues to draw in more viewers as the series goes on. What’s more, there wasn’t a significant drop off, with figures staying above 7.8 million across the whole hour.
Accounting for just over 40% of the audience share for Sunday, the Doctor’s clash with Tim Shaw was the most watched episode of Doctor Who since 2008. Her debut also bettered those of Matt Smith – who drew an audience of 7.7 million – and David Tennant – if you class New Earth as his debut episode, which was watched by 8 million.
Perhaps the most interesting figure to emerge was tweeted by Robin Parker, which was sourced by the audience measuring system BARB.

So Doctor Who managed to keep a large chunk of its core audience while gaining more girl viewers for that age demographic. When compared to New Earth, the figures are down but there’s an upshot.

The official figures, which will be released next Monday, will also include those who recorded the episode and watched it later, so we could see these numbers grow considerably.
Doctor Who returns this Sunday with The Ghost Monument on BBC One. 

Andrew Reynolds

The Woman Who Fell to Earth Most Watched Debut For 10 Years

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