What Did You Think of Doctor Who: The Woman Who Fell To Earth?

And a new era of Doctor Who has begun.

Jodie Whittaker is now the Doctor, and joining her, we have Mandip Gill as Yaz Khan, Tosin Cole as Ryan Sinclair, and Bradley Walsh as Graham O’Brien. Chris Chibnall becomes only the third showrunner of so-called NuWho, following Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat (who bowed out with Peter Capaldi at Christmas with Twice Upon A Time).

But what did you think of The Woman Who Fell To Earth?

As ever, The Doctor Who Companion wants your thoughts on the opening episode of Doctor Who Series 11. But we’re doing things a bit differently to last year – we want you to simply give it a rating out of 5 stars, with 5/5 being the best, and 1/5 being the worst. You’ll be able to see the average rating too, though we’ll round-up opinions soon anyway.


Voted? Excellent – thanks. We’re a hungry beast that just wants more, more, more, so why not expand on your thoughts in the comments section below? This is your chance to discuss the episode, on the new direction, on the new Doctor and TARDIS team, and muse about upcoming episodes.

And remember: let’s keep it civil. We all have different opinions on what makes Doctor Who what it is, so let’s keep the DWC a nice place to be.