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Jodie Whittaker Wants To Bring Back Rose, River and The Daleks

Despite Chris Chibnall saying there will be no old monsters and companions in the newly launched series 11, Jodie Whittaker has a few suggestions should the new showrunner change his mind for a future series.
Speaking to Vulture, Whittaker was asked directly who she would like the Thirteenth Doctor to interact with, she said:
“I’d love to work with Billie Piper. Rose was a brilliant character.
“I love what she brought to that role – it was engaging and strong and vulnerable and dynamic. I’d like to meet Rose.
“And River Song [played by Alex Kingston]!”
Inevitably, there is one enemy of the Doctor that Whittaker would most like to come face to face with and that’s the iconic Daleks.
“There’s loads of brilliant creatures and monsters. Can you imagine me meeting my first Dalek?”
Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long before the Thirteenth Doctor gets to come face to face with the Doctors most feared foe.
Asked why she thought Chris Chibnall decided against using some familiar faces and mortal enemies in his debut series as showrunner, Whittaker added:
“He’s been a Whovian since he was a kid. He’s been probably bubbling up these ideas for his entire career! It’s certainly not denying any of the worlds or monsters, but for him, it was really about going in a new direction and finding places in history we could go to. The interesting thing about being a woman is — although it’s irrelevant as the Doctor — it makes for interesting storytelling when it affects the time period you’re in, or the moment you’re in, or the interactions you have. It’s not the Doctor’s response, it’s other people’s response. And as a woman, that’s often the thing: We’re not surprised we can achieve things as women, it’s often other people who are.”
Doctor Who continues Sunday 14th October with The Ghost Monument on BBC One.

Andrew Reynolds

Jodie Whittaker Wants To Bring Back Rose, River and The Daleks

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