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David Tennant on Jodie Whittaker's Debut: "Exciting On So Many Levels”

Critics, fans, naysayers, and champions have all had their say on Jodie Whittaker’s debut, The Woman Who Fell to Earth but what about the Doctor whose interpretation of the character most closely resembles her own take on the character?
The Tenth Doctor himself, David Tennant, has weigh in on the premiere of series 11 and, well, he’s very positive indeed.
Tennant who has previously worked with both showrunner Chris Chibnall and Whittaker on Broadchurch, told Entertainment Weekly’s Morning Live radio show (via Radio Times), that the first episode of this new era was “exciting on so many levels”.
He said:
“It’s very exciting as a fan. It’s exciting as someone who grew up watching Doctor Who. It’s very exciting whenever there’s a rebirth of the show – that’s an exciting moment anyway. But because Jodie’s a friend, and Chris is a friend, it’s exciting on so many levels.”

Now watching as a viewer, the process of going from star to fan again is one that Tennant is still coming to terms with.
He added:
“It’s bizarre because it’s a show I’ve watched all my life, then I ended up being in it which was weird in the first place, and now I’m out of it. There’s kind of a journey back to being an observer again.
“But five minutes in I was just watching it as a fan again. I’d forgotten that I knew them and they were my mates. I was like, ‘This is fun! This is exciting!’”
Being mates of course means Tennant might be susceptible to the odd spoiler or twelve (or should that be thirteen?) but despite his besties working on the new series, he has managed to stay relatively pure.
He said:
“I don’t think they’d tell me anything, but I also don’t want to go there. I want to experience it like everyone else.”
Something else Tennant would want to experience without the past and present jobs getting in the way are comic cons – although he has suggested a novel way to avoid the more persistent fans.
He added:
“I do feel now the geek as inherited the Earth. It’s a shame I can’t go as a fan because I’d love to go to all the comic book stalls and meet the guys that draw Spiderman – that would be my idea of heaven! But I have to lurk backstage.
“The other option is to put a mask on but then you get very hot. Maybe I should put a Jodie Whittaker mask on? That’s what I need to invest in.”
Doctor Who returns this Sunday with The Ghost Monument on BBC One at 6:55 pm.

Andrew Reynolds

David Tennant on Jodie Whittaker's Debut: "Exciting On So Many Levels”

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