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Doctor Who Magazine Yearbook 2019

The latest Doctor Who Magazine: Special Edition takes a look at the past year – a perfect read over the festivities and into 2019.

Editor, Marcus Hearn says:

“We’ve packed an incredible amount into the latest Yearbook. It was always our intention to create the ultimate guide to Series 11, and this issue includes much of the material that we’ve been gathering with the cast and writers since the beginning of 2018.”

Highlights among the exclusive interviews include:

  • Jodie Whittaker (The Thirteenth Doctor)
  • Pete McTighe (writer, Kerblam!)
  • Joy Wilkinson (writer, The Witchfinders)
  • Ed Hime (writer, It Takes You Away)
  • Percelle Ascott (The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos)
  • Jonny Dixon (The Woman Who Fell to Earth)
  • Shobna Gulati (Arachnids in the UK, Demons of the Punjab)
  • Julie Hesmondhalgh (Kerblam!)
  • Phyllis Logan (The Battle of Ranskoor Av Kolos)
  • Susan Lynch (The Ghost Monument)
  • Vinette Robinson (Rosa)
  • Ellie Wallwork (It Takes You Away)

The Doctor Who Magazine Yearbook 2019 is on sale from 3 January at WHSmith and all good newsagents, price £5.99.

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Doctor Who Magazine Yearbook 2019

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