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Resurrection and Revelation of the Daleks to FINALLY Be Adapted by Eric Saward

The only two remaining Classic Doctor Who serials never to be released as Target books are to be novelised by their original scribe, Eric Saward!

This year, we’re treated to Resurrection of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks, in lovely hardback and eBook formats, coming to bookshelves in July and November 2019 respectively.

Target Books couldn’t reach an agreement to adapt work by Douglas Adams or Eric Saward; however, Saward’s two Dalek serials were announced by the company in the 1990s, though these never materialised. More recently, Adams’ City of Death, The Pirate Planet, and Shada have been released by BBC Books. Resurrection of the Daleks and Revelation of the Daleks will complete the set, meaning we have every Classic serial in novel format.

Audiobooks will then be out the month following each release.

Here are the synopses:

Resurrection of the Daleks

The universe is at war. Action takes courage.

The TARDIS is ensnared in a time corridor, catapulting it into derelict docklands on 20th century Earth. The Doctor and his companions, Tegan and Turlough, stumble on a warehouse harbouring fugitives from the future at the far end of the corridor – and are soon under attack from a Dalek assault force.

The Doctor’s oldest enemies have set in motion an intricate and sinister plot to resurrect their race from the ashes of an interstellar war. For the Daleks’ plans to succeed, they must set free their creator, Davros, from a galactic prison – and force the Doctor to help them achieve total control over time and space. But the embittered Davros has ideas of his own…

35 years after its first TV transmission, Doctor Who fan-favourite Resurrection of the Daleks is novelised at last, by the author of the original script, Eric Saward.

Revelation of the Daleks

Beware the hands that heal.

The Doctor and Peri land on the planet Necros to visit the funerary home Tranquil Repose – where the dead are interred and the near-dead placed in suspended animation until such time as their conditions can be cured.

But the Great Healer of Tranquil Repose is far from benign. Under his command, Daleks guard the catacombs where sickening experiments are conducted on human bodies. The new life he offers the dying comes at a terrible cost – and the Doctor and Peri are being lured into a trap that will change them forever.

At last, the only classic-era Doctor Who adventure never to be novelised is here, and by the author of the original script, Eric Saward.

Resurrection of the Daleks is released on 18th July 2019, and Revelation of the Daleks is out on 14th November 2019, £12.99 (HB) or £7.99 (on Kindle) each. Audiobooks of both are expected to follow, with Resurrection‘s coming out on 4th July 2019.

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Resurrection and Revelation of the Daleks to FINALLY Be Adapted by Eric Saward

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