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You Can Now Pre-Order Resolution on Blu-ray… But Is It Worth £17?!

The Doctor Who New Year’s Day Special, Resolution, is coming to Blu-ray in February. The festive episode sees the TARDIS team back in Sheffield, going toe to tentacle with a revived Dalek mutant that had been scattered across the planet since the 9th Century. Switching to the previously non-canon ‘backpack mode,’ the mutant goes on to commandeer a passing archaeologist before launching a full-out assault on a worryingly short-staffed GCHQ in a travel machine clearly inspired by a centuries-long downtime watching Scrapheap Challenge.

It’s fair to say that, as with the rest of Series 11, Resolution received a mixed response. For DWC’s position, you can read our own James Baldock’s review here. Or you can visit the Blu-ray’s Amazon page to read a litany of commenters so incensed at the episode’s scenes of gratuitous women and ethnic minorities that they were compelled to use their clairvoyance to pillory it weeks ahead of transmission.

Besides the content of the story itself, one thing likely to stoke the ire of fans is the reckoning. You can pick up Doctor Who – The Complete Series 11 Blu-ray Steelbook for £48.99 (ably reviewed by our own Tony Stokes, here), which works out as £4.90 for each of its ten episodes. At £17.00, Resolution is a massive 250% more expensive, with every indication that this will be a vanilla release minus any special features. The price will doubtless come down in time but it’s your choice whether you want to be milked like an Androzanian Queen Bat.

Resolution is released on 18th February and is available to pre-order here.

David Traynier

You Can Now Pre-Order Resolution on Blu-ray… But Is It Worth £17?!

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