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Could Doctor Who Series 12 Episode 1 be a Spy Thriller?

Doctor Who fans at Cardiff and Vale College were lucky enough to meet the cast and crew of the show as filming for Series 12 continued… and it seems as though the first episode of the upcoming season could be a spy thriller.

Plenty of photos have emerged of lucky students posing with Graham O’Brien actor, Bradley Walsh.

Eager-eyed photographers also spotted a slate which read “SPY -0”. Some have bandied around the idea that this is the title of the debut story of Series 12; however, names aren’t typically used on clapperboards, so this is something of an oddity. If it’s not a serial title or some sort of production code, then we do wonder what it’s doing there…

Nonetheless, props reading “Secret Intelligence Service” were spotted nearby, as was a sign saying, “Cyber Security Department”. Get your “return of the Cybermen” theories in now.

Filming at the college was expected to close the shoot for Block 1, which likely encapsulates episodes 1 and 5. This block took place in South Africa (and, less exotically, Cardiff Bay).

Doctor Who Series 12 will air in 2020.

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Could Doctor Who Series 12 Episode 1 be a Spy Thriller?

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