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Crime and Relative Dimensions? What Jenna 'Stole' from the TARDIS

Jenna Coleman has admitted that she “stole” one or two pieces of the TARDIS when she left the show in 2015  ̶  although she may have had the props team’s tacit permission.

“I stole a piece of TARDIS,” Jenna told the Radio Times, presumably meaning from the console. “A proper Gallifreyan full on piece under my jumper… I’ve also got the neon sign of the police box sign and I’ve got that in my dining room and it lights up.”

To be fair to Jenna, she’s not the first. Listen to the classic DVD commentaries and you’ll hear occasional mention of actors and crew ‘borrowing’ props or costumes they like. Of course, some are a little more brazen about it than others…

Mattr Irvine with K-(
Model-making legend, Matt Irvine, acts natural as he leave the workshop…

Asked in 2013 if he had kept any Doctor Who props, Tom Baker conceded that he’d “had lots of bits and pieces” at one time but that they had all been “begged off [him] by the charities.” And a more recent Doctor, David Tennant, has confessed to keeping his sonic screwdriver:

“You’re not allowed. You really aren’t allowed… I put it in a secure location because I suddenly got worried my house would get burgled and I’d lose it, so I’ve locked it up somewhere.”

And speaking of the Tenth Doctor, when Jenna was asked who her favourite Doctor is, she forsook either Matt Smith or Peter Capaldi and apparently whispered “David Tennant!”

David Traynier

Crime and Relative Dimensions? What Jenna 'Stole' from the TARDIS

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