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Out Now: Transference, Featuring Alex Kingston and Warren Brown

Transference, the latest release in the Big Finish Originals range, is out now, and stars Alex Kingston and Warren Brown. They’re joined by an enviable cast including Wendy Craig (Butterflies), Ingrid Oliver (aka Osgood in Doctor Who), and Robert Whitelock (Mahler in The Bells of Saint John).

This eight hour drama features Kingston (River Song) and Brown (Luther; Big Finish’s UNIT tales) in the lead roles.

Here’s the synopsis:

Sam Ross (Alex Kingston) is a psychotherapist – she spends her days helping people, but she can barely help herself. She’s still grieving over the recent death of her sister; her mother Barbara offers little support; and she’s professionally challenged. One of her clients is Keith (Warren Brown), a man whose life story changes with every session. And Keith has a secret – one that will rock Sam’s world to the core, and place her in the most terrible danger.

Producer, David Richardson says:

“I came up with the core idea for Transference after chatting to a psychotherapist. I was fascinated by the specific rules and boundaries of the profession. For example, if a client reveals he has killed someone, does the psychotherapist have to report it to the police?”

Alex Kingston enthuses:

“It’s a process of trying to uncover the truth. From something visual on television to audio, this is a drama I want to listen to, to figure out what’s going on. Thrillers are something that draw the audience in. Everyone wants to be their own detective.”

Warren Brown adds:

“People love to work out the twists, and are constantly second-guessing… it’s great when the rug is pulled out from underneath you! Thrillers are so appealing when written well, as this is. You never quite know what you’re going to get.”

Transference is out now on download from Big Finish at its pre-order price of £33.99, until its general release at the end of September 2019 where it will rise to £39.99.

From now until midday (UK time) on 3rd August 2019, you can get the first episodes of ATA Girl, Cicero, Shilling & Sixpence Investigate, Blind Terror: The Gods of Frost, and Transference ABSOLUTELY FREE.

That’s not all: from now until midday (UK time) on 7th August, all of the series in the Big Finish Originals range will be available once again at their pre-order prices starting at just £16.99 for a whole audio series. Or you can pick up the entire Big Finish Originals range for £99 which covers the first six series already released plus a pre-order for the upcoming science fiction saga, The Human Frontier.

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Out Now: Transference, Featuring Alex Kingston and Warren Brown

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