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You Can Now Enjoy An Exclusive Vinyl Edition of Wave of Destruction

Fans in the UK can head down to their local Sainsbury’s to find an exclusive vinyl release starring the Fourth Doctor – out today!

Hot off the press, the supermarket has just launched Doctor Who: Wave of Destruction starring Tom Baker, Lalla Ward, and John Leeson, with a Limited Edition run of 1500 copies on ocean swirl vinyl.

In this full-cast audio drama from 2016, the Vardans return to take on the Doctor after their last appearance in the 1978 television story, The Invasion of Time in which they invaded Gallifrey.

In our review, we said:

“The Vardans plan to conquer Earth is, quite frankly, long overdue and is a fresh and exciting return of an old villain. Forget your Daleks and your Cybermen, this is what makes a solid Fourth Doctor story. Secondary characters such as MI5 agent Miller, as well as other like Jill and Mark, simply scream ‘Tom Baker era’. Handled well here, everyone get something to do with the story constantly maintaining a successful and rapid pace. This is probably the best and simplest season opener for a Big Finish Doctor since 2002’s Invader from Mars.”

Here’s the synopsis for Wave of Destruction:

A modulated frequency wave cancellation signal isn’t something that the Doctor and Romana expect to detect in 1960s London. But then they don’t expect to find Professor Lanchester, the man who invented it, lying unconscious. Or MI5 investigating. 

With the help of MI5 Agent Miller; Lanchester’s daughter Jill; and his nephew – a pirate radio DJ called Mark; the Doctor, Romana and K-9 investigate. They soon discover that there is more at risk than they imagined, and an alien invasion is about to begin. 

Can the Doctor identify and defeat the aliens in time? Will Romana manage to find a recombinant transducer before it’s too late? And how will K-9 cope with his new job?

The story also stars John Leeson as K9 and Lalla Ward as the second incarnation of Romana.

Of this special vinyl release, Ward says:

“Recording Wave of Destruction was an absolute delight and I’m very pleased that we’ve made it onto a record. Romana is used to running circles around the Doctor so she’ll be right at home on the turntable!”

Wave of Destruction is written by Justin Richards, produced by Big Finish Productions; the normal version is available at £8.99 on download or £10.99 on CD. Otherwise, if you want the vinyl edition, get down to your local Sainsbury’s and hope!

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You Can Now Enjoy An Exclusive Vinyl Edition of Wave of Destruction

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