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Children in Need 2019 Included a Heart-Warming Doctor Who Section

Want to see something genuinely heartwarming? It may make you well up with tears, but for a good reason. Because Jodie Whittaker, Tosin Cole, and Mandip Gill appeared on the BBC’s charity marathon, Children in Need, to surprise one fan. If you want to check it out officially, you’ll need access to iPlayer. Or, unless the BBC take it down, you can see the video here:

After pretending to be filming Doctor Who Series 12 in America, the three use the TARDIS to make a youngster’s day.

Jodie and co. surprised young Anastasia, who Children in Need helped by funding drama classes to increase her confidence.

Whittaker then gave Anastasia her very own sonic screwdriver and added:

“From one Doctor to the next!”

You can watch the first part of Children in Need on iPlayer.

Of course, Jodie joined Tenth Doctor actor, David Tennant, on We’ve Got It Covered, an album devised by Shaun Dooley (The Ghost Monument) comprised of celebrity cover versions of much-loved songs.

And here’s an extra video with Whittaker, Cole, and Gill.

Donate to Children in Need online, or by calling 0345 7 33 22 33. To donate £10, text the word DONATE to 70410. To donate £20 text DONATE to 70420. Donate £30 by texting DONATE to 70430.

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Children in Need 2019 Included a Heart-Warming Doctor Who Section

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