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Doctor Who Christmas 2019 Gift Guide: Miscellaneous Merchandise

You’ve looked through all the books, the DVDs, the CDs, and yet you’ve been left wanting. What do you get for that Doctor Who fan in your life? What’s an ideal Christmas present for them? If you’re searching for something a bit different – whether that be a major present or smaller stocking filler – we’ve rounded up some of the best Doctor Who merchandise on the shelves right now.

TARDIS Laptop Bag

Shh! Lovarzi has “borrowed” Gallifreyan technology from the Time Lords to make this exclusively-designed TARDIS Laptop Bag dimensionally transcendental. That’s right: you can expand the bag using the side-poppers, meaning it’s actually bigger on the inside.

Plus, the bag has padded pockets inside and outside, great for storing 15″ laptops, jelly babies, sonic devices, anti-plastic, 500-year diaries, keys, satsumas, yo-yos, Alpha Centauran Table Tennis Club membership cards, slightly-psychic paper, alien coins… and anything else you may need on your adventures in time and space! The bag further includes an added canvas loop which can be used to attach the case to luggage handles.

SIZE: 45cm x 30cm x 15cm

If the Time Lords manage to track you down, just show them the Seal of Rassilon, embroidered inside, and say you’re on a top-secret mission for the High Council of Gallifrey.

Also available from the official Lovarzi site.

Funko POP! Pez – Eleventh Doctor

  • PEZ from Funko! This new line of PEZ allows you to take your favorite characters on the go with some tasty treats!
  • Funko PEZ of the Eleventh Doctor.

Also available: the Fourth and Thirteenth Doctor PEZ.

Doctor Who Desk Block Calendar 2020

This page-a-day calendar will ensure you get your daily dose of the Time Lord including images / graphics of all your other favourite Doctor Who characters, including Daleks, the TARDIS, and the Doctor’s companions.

This official everyday BBC Doctor Who Desk calendar features a self-standing easel which can be laid flat or at an angle on your desk for daily notes, So if you’re looking for a fun way to personalise your desk at home or in the office, this is the calendar for you.

Doctor Who Series 11 Soundtrack

Segun Akinola is a multi-talented composer who has strengthened many projects with his musical acumen and is a BAFTA Breakthrough Brit. Segun says:

“Where do I even begin?! Working on series 11 has been nothing short of the experience of a lifetime. I have loved every single minute of it. From working closely with the production team, to writing the character themes to recording the New Year Special, it’s truly been so much fun. I’m incredibly grateful to have been entrusted with the musical reins by showrunner Chris Chibnall and executive producer Matt Strevens and to have been welcomed by everyone else in the team. In all honesty, it’s been a bit emotional (in the best way) putting this album together; to look back on where we started and where we ended up. We wanted to go on a new musical journey that would compliment the ambition of the stories themselves.”

Features 41 tracks from Jodie Whittaker’s debut season.

The Pandorica Opens (TARDIS Exploding) Gloves

The Pandorica Opens remains one of the most beautiful and instantly-recognisable motifs of the Eleventh Doctor era. The painting, by Vincent van Gogh, is a warning to the bow-tie-wearing alien, and depicts the disaster that cracked the universe: the TARDIS exploding on 26th June 2010.

Digitally-printed on high-quality velvet-feel fabric, these exclusively-designed gloves are soft and very comfortable to wear – an ideal gift for all Doctor Who enthusiasts!

Lovarzi has worked as official licensees of the BBC since 2012 to produce top-quality items for fashionable fans of Doctor Who, including the Fourth Doctor Knitted Tie, TARDIS Folding Umbrella, and The Tomb of the Cybermen Scarf.

Also available from the official Lovarzi site.

Classic Stills: Day of the Doctor 2

Celebrate the 50th anniversary all over again with this gorgeous print of the Tenth, Eleventh, and War Doctors in the TARDIS.

  • 100 framed and numbered prints are available in size 11″x14″ only
  • Fully licensed by the BBC and sold with a certificate of authenticity
  • Printed on archival photo paper and hand-framed in black wood, with preservation-grade matting and UV-protective screen
  • Only available for shipping to the UK & Ireland, USA and Canada at this time

Day of the Doctor 2 is part of Classic Stills’ second Doctor Who collection.

Head to Classic Stills to see further collections or check out the US site.

War Doctor Pin Badge

The battle-hardened warrior who brings an end to the Time War, the War Doctor Pin Badge completes our all-new Doctor Who Pin Badge Collection!

The War Doctor Pin Badge features the no-longer-Doctor played by John Hurt in a cute chibi-style. Wearing a long brown overcoat in a soldier pose, this lovely pin badge made from high-quality metal will perfectly complete your outfit. Or you can display it at home alongside other incarnations of the Doctor!

Available to pre-order from Hero Collector.

TARDIS Doormat

  • TARDIS with “It’s Bigger on the Inside”
  • These doormats are made from 15mm thick Coir with a durable vinyl backing
  • Doormat size: 40 x 60 cm
  • Suitable for external use.

Funko POP! Reconnaissance Dalek

Take a trip through time and space and relive the Thirteenth Doctor’s adventures with the Funko Pop! Reconnaissance Dalek.

At 9cm tall, each vinyl Funko Pop! figure recreates an iconic pop culture character in an instantly recognisable, high-quality, bobble-head style with show, game or movie authentic features.

Sent out from Skaro to prepare Planet Earth for an invasion, the terrifying Reconnaissance Dalek was defeated in the ninth century. With detailed Dalek armour, including an eyestalk, gunstick and manipulator arm, this figure is perfect for displaying in the exclusive, Doctor Who illustrated window box.

Doctor Who Customisable Shoulder Bag

Customise this bag using 7 exclusively-designed pins. These use a special screwing mechanism so they can be securely fastened without being too difficult to swap around. The panel these attach to is comprised of an extra zipped compartment, providing easy access to their backings.The PINs included are: The TARDIS; The Seal of Rassilon, as seen on Gallifrey; K9, the Doctor’s robotic companion; A Cyberman head; Weeping Angel; Bow Tie (as worn by the Second and Eleventh Doctors); Thirteenth Doctor Silhouette (printed in full-colour).

The Doctor Who Customisable Shoulder Bag has internal organiser pockets on one side to hold your stationary, phone, and sonic screwdriver; on the other, there’s a buttoned area to keep devices measuring up to 15.6″.

With a repeated TARDIS pattern inside, embossed Doctor Who logos, and a large comfortable handle, this shoulder bag is your perfect companion in time and space.

Also available from the official Lovarzi site.

Tomb of the Cybermen T-Shirt

This Doctor Who: Tomb of the Cybermen T-Shirt features artwork by Rian Hughes, paying homage to the Patrick Troughton’s previously lost adventure The Tomb of the Cybermen (1967). The distinctive logo of the Cybermen from the tomb is surrounded by alien symbols against a stylish black background.

The Tomb of the Cybermen T-Shirt was designed with a crew neck for a comfortable fit and is perfect for everyday wear.

Available from Hero Collector.

Doctor Who 2020 Slim Diary

  • TARDIS design 2020 slim diary.
  • Front printed to look like TARDIS doors.
  • Back printed to look like back of the TARDIS.
  • Week-to-view layout.
  • Official licensed product.

And that’s it for the DWC’s 2019 Christmas gift guides. So tell us: what do you want for Christmas?

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Doctor Who Christmas 2019 Gift Guide: Miscellaneous Merchandise

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