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The Thirteenth and Tenth Doctors Team Up Against Weeping Angels

There is a brand new crossover coming later this year in which the Thirteenth Doctor and the Tenth Doctor team up to stop another plot from the terrifying Weeping Angels – and Titan Comics has also brought along Martha Jones for the ride!

Announced at the New York Comic Con, this crossover will kick off the Thirteenth Doctor comic’s Second Year. For those of you who don’t know, Titan Comics publish their Doctor Who comic books in ‘Years’, usually using a Holiday Special to round things out.

Titan released some artwork from Roberta Ingranata and colourist Enrica Angiolini which featured Martha Jones, which I believe is her first appearance in Titan Comics; the company has previously used companions like Rose Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, and Clara Oswald. Titan gave the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors new companions so it is nice to see them still including past TV companions too. But it isn’t known just yet if this story takes place during Doctor Who Series 3 or at some point after that.

Author Jody Houser also offered some insight into the way that the BBC make sure things are kept on track. She mentioned that she will sometimes receive mysterious messages about what a character can and can’t wear or when the story has wandered off into a direction they didn’t want it to go. Characters’ outfits and the interior of the TARDIS have to be the correct colours and one wonders if this has something to do with BBC marketing. Take Martha for example; all the publicity shots had her with her hair up, and in a red jacket, and while in the shown artwork, her distinctive outfit has been replaced, she still has the same hairstyle she kept for much of the third series.

The trio of Houser, Angiolini, and Ingranata also told us about their work schedules. It seems that Angiolini and Ingranata are both morning people with Angiolini saying that she’s ready by her computer by 8:30 while Ingranata is ready to work sometimes as early as 6 in the morning! Houser, on the other hand, said that she tends to work when everyone else is asleep because she has trouble working when everyone else is awake.

Also revealed were a series of variant covers, including one from Will Brooks with the Tenth and Thirteenth Doctors, and one with the Tenth Doctor in a very-Batman pose having landed on the back of a Weeping Angel by Andrew Pepoy.

Paulina Ganucheau gives us a cover with Jodie holding the Tenth Doctor’s TARDIS between her hands while Alice X. Zhang (of steelbook fame) gives us a stunning Weeping Angel cover.

Check out some preview pages:

The crossover promises to be an exciting way to kick off the second year for Jodie Whittaker at Titan Comics and I’ll definitely be checking it out, even if I am still slightly miffed they cancelled all the other Doctor Who titles, despite their continued popularity. Still, this is one miniseries that just might win me back over! The first issue to due to hit comic-book stands later this month (January 2020).

Jordan Shortman

The Thirteenth and Tenth Doctors Team Up Against Weeping Angels

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