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Join in the Final Lockdown Rewatch: World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls

The final lockdown watch-along of Doctor Who, organised by Doctor Who Magazine‘s Emily Cook, is the Twelfth Doctor’s not-quite-finale, World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls. Taking part on Twitter, and tweeting behind-the-scenes secrets, will be then-showrunner, Steven Moffat; Bill Potts actress, Pearl Mackie; Nardole actor, Matt Lucas; and director, Rachel Talalay.

This should be exceptional.

The two-part finale to Series 10 was due to be Peter Capaldi’s swansong as the Doctor, but the next showrunner, Chris Chibnall didn’t want to take over at Christmas; Moffat wrote Twice Upon A Time so Doctor Who wouldn’t lose the Christmas slot (so that went well…). Nonetheless, The Doctor Falls shows what kills the Twelfth Doctor – if only he’d accept his regeneration.

This tweet-along means the first 10 series of NuWho have been represented in these lockdown rewatch – including Series 1’s Dalek, Series 6’s The Doctor’s Wife, and Series 9’s The Zygon Invasion/ The Zygon Inversion, plus the 50th anniversary docudrama, An Adventure in Space and Time. These watch-alongs began at the start of the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, with The Day of the Doctor and continued with stories featuring the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctors.

Sadly, this will be the last organised by Cook, but she certainly deserves a round of applause for bringing fans all over the world together at such a difficult time. Further rewatches will likely take place, including Classic Who, but probably not with cast and crew Cook has brought to the project.

World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls starts on Saturday 6th June 2020 at 6pm (BST). Use the hashtag #BlackHolesAndRevelations to get involved!

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Join in the Final Lockdown Rewatch: World Enough and Time/ The Doctor Falls

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