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ITV Celebrates Bradley Walsh’s 60th Birthday with Special Documentary

Bradley Walsh, who plays Thirteenth Doctor companion, Graham O’Brien, turns 60 this week, and to celebrate, ITV will air a special documentary, Bradley Walsh: Happy 60th Birthday tonight (3rd June).

It’s pretty rare that a Doctor Who companion gets a celebratory show for their birthday, so this programme – narrated by comedian, Jason Manford – just demonstrates how well regarded Walsh is, and how ingrained and beloved he’s become in the television industry.

Obviously, the documentary will show his presenting series like Only JokingMidas Touch, and The Chase, plus archive footage featuring his best TV moments.

Walsh has played O’Brien since Jodie Whittaker’s first full episode of Doctor Who, The Woman Who Fell to Earth, but before that, he also appeared in The Sarah Jane Adventures, giving us one of the show’s best performances (with strong competition, it has to be noted!), as Elijah Spellman in The Day of the Clown.

Bradley Walsh: Happy 60th Birthday airs on ITV tonight (Wednesday 3rd June 2020) at 9pm. And happy birthday, Bradley, for tomorrow!

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ITV Celebrates Bradley Walsh’s 60th Birthday with Special Documentary

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