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New Single by Doctor Who Fan, Kara Conway Inspired by Amy Pond’s Departure

Doctor Who inspires people to do all sorts of things. For some, it inspires them to read and write; for others, it inspires them to become doctors and scientists; and for some, it simply inspires them to do better, to aspire to something better. For Doctor Who fan, Kara Conway, it inspired her debut single, Two Hearts, which will be part of an EP due for release in August.

Kara Conway, who comes from Bishopbriggs, recently spoke to the Kirkintilloch Herald about her upcoming EP and in particular, Two-Hearts, out now as a single, released ahead of the rest of the album.

Speaking to the paper, she said:

“I am very excited but also nervous about it all, but I do hope people will like what they hear.”

Kara taught herself to play piano and guitar and was inspired to write Two-Hearts when the news broke in 2012 that Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, would be leaving the show.

She added:

“The single is a result of me being a massive Doctor Who fan. It’s a break-up song but it came to me when Karen Gillan was Matt Smith’s companion and she was leaving. I got the piano part first, then the lyrics, and it all came together after that.”

Since her childhood, Kara had enjoyed listening to music by the likes of The Beatles, Eric Clapton, and the Eagles, often with her father. And she would later sing in her local choir. She previously performed in venues like the Danny Kyle Open Stage at Glasgow’s Royal Concert Hall, the Killin Music Festival, and the annual Perthshire Amber Festival.

Listen to Two-Hearts here:

Amy Pond and Rory William’s departure was certainly one of the most shocking, first plummeting from the roof of a skyscraper to stop the Weeping Angels, only to then be sent back in time by the very creatures they had stopped. But it’s brilliant that it led to inspiring Kara to begin what promises to be the start of a great music career.

Kara’s single, Two-Hearts is available now, released 5th June on all music and streaming services. Her EP, titled This Life, will be available next month (August).

Jordan Shortman

New Single by Doctor Who Fan, Kara Conway Inspired by Amy Pond’s Departure

by Jordan Shortman time to read: 1 min
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