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Doctor Who Bags First Emmy Nomination for The Runaway VR Game

Doctor Who has received its first ever Emmy nomination in the surprising category of Outstanding Derivative Interactive Program. The Virtual Reality game Doctor Who: Runaway stands alongside Netflix’s Big Mouth Guide to Life in the category.

Runaway was released in May 2019 and sees the player step inside a VR version of the TARDIS to aid an animated version of the Thirteenth Doctor, voiced by Jodie Whittaker. The game allows players to see the TARDIS like never before.

The DWC’s James Baldock was particularly impressed with this immersive aspect:

“There is that sense of being drawn into a story – which is sometimes easier when you’re an active participant – and it helps that the Doctor feels like the Doctor, thanks to Whittaker’s pleasing voice work. Perhaps the most disturbing aspect of the whole thing is just how easy it is to shut out the outside world: once the headset is correctly fitted and I’ve got the hang of the controls and the sound is up, it’s a matter of minutes before I’m no longer aware of my surroundings.”

With the animated version of Fury from the Deep releasing next week, could more animated Doctor Who be on the way? There are lots of fans who would love to see original animations for the Thirteenth Doctor as well as Doctors past. The BBC is well aware of this according to Charles Norton, the man behind the animation of classic stories, who said:

“‘Have they thought about doing this?’ The answer is probably yes.”

Doctor Who: Runaway is available on a variety of VR platforms and as a 360 degree video for those without VR.

Are you happy that this is Doctor Who‘s first nomination? What else do you think the show should be nominated for? And is animation the future for the franchise?

(Thanks to Christian Cawley.)

Liam Brice-Bateman

Doctor Who Bags First Emmy Nomination for The Runaway VR Game

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